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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team can answer any questions you may have that are not listed here.


Where in Ontario do you build?

We service a wide area from Lake Huron to east of Ottawa, all the way up north of Parry Sound. We specialize in cottage country, with most of our builds being located in the Muskokas, Georgian Bay, Huntsville, Haliburton, Niagara, the Kawarthas, Lake Huron, Collingwood, Land of Lakes, and Prince Edward County.


Currently we are working on over 50 projects across the province… wherever you are looking to build, there is a good chance we can help you.

How much does it cost to build?

The cost of building ranges depending on your project. Your design complexity, size, quality of finishing, and property characteristics all impact the total project cost.


We have built custom cottages from $600,000 all the way to multi-million dollar luxury homes.

The first step in our process is to understand the different factors that impact your budget. From there, we create a home design that meets your needs and finalize a construction quote. Our quotes include everything you need to complete your project.


We provide fixed price contracts with realistic allowances for items like site preparation that are difficult to estimate prior to breaking ground. This gives you price certainty at the start of your project and avoids the costly overages common in the construction industry.

How long does the construction process take?

The time to build your home varies depending on the size and scope of your project. For our turn-key projects, our build time averages 7-10 months after receiving your building permit.


The design process ranges based on the amount of customization you want. Permit times depend on where you are building but typically take between 1-3 months, with some regions taking longer.

After understanding the specifics of your project, we can help give you a more realistic timeline.


Once the build begins, our timeline is available to you via our shared project management software.

When you’re ready, we’ll be able to help!

Do you look after the entire project?

Yes, our services include home design, permitting, site preparation, site services, foundations, framing, utilities/mechanical systems, insulation & drywall, and interior finishing.

Our most popular service offering is our Full Turn-Key contract which includes everything you need to build your home.

Who manages the project?

Your project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager. Our PMs are with you every step of the way, scheduling trades and ensuring your home is built to our high-quality standard.


Our Project Managers only use trusted trades who take pride in their work. They are familiar with and have built many Linwood Homes in the past.

How does the design process work?

The design process is managed by Linwood’s Project Advisors. Our PAs help you define the scope of your project and work alongside you to create your new home design.


They’ll provide pricing and help you customize your home to meet your needs. Once your home design is complete, your Project Advisor will get you a construction quote and work through any further changes you may want. Your PA is responsible for your project through the design and selection of materials stages, with an LCS Project Manager in charge of the build process.

What makes Linwood Construction Services different?

We know that construction can be a difficult field to navigate. Linwood Construction Services makes building into an easy, streamlined process for you. Our Project Managers take the complexity out of construction so that your home can be built as fast as possible, on budget.


Our team has over 100 years of custom construction experience. We have worked on a range of different projects from simple cottages to luxury estates. We have seen and dealt with all the problems that come with custom construction.


LCS delivers a higher quality product for a couple of reasons. The first is using the Linwood Design + Material Package. Linwood packages source the best quality lumber and materials and are then factory organized for a faster build on site. The use of premium materials gives your home a better exterior look, higher quality interior finishing, with less waste.


The quality of construction is managed jointly between our Project Managers and our trades. Unlike a one-off build, our trades have to maintain a high-quality standard to continue working for us. This gives us much greater control over the quality of workmanship of our projects.


Our fixed price + allowance contract also gives you maximum price certainty and takes the risk out of your build. The two most common areas that lead to unexpected costs are when builders miss items in their quote or deliberately do not include all the line items needed to complete your project. This happens far too often with small volume, recreational builders using unrealistically low bids and simplistic cost plus contracts.


We don’t do this. We know this is one of your biggest investments and we make sure it is safe, secure, and protected.

When do you visit my site?

Our Project Advisors are happy to evaluate your site when you are close to starting the building process.


During an initial site visit, we’ll review your lot to create a site-specific design, as well as help outline your site development requirements.


We utilize proprietary software called LandDNA that helps identify the relevant site work and estimated costs associated with building what you want on your site.


While your design is in the permitting process, our Project Managers take over to get your site serviced and ready for construction.

Do you offer a Tarion warranty?

Linwood Construction Services is a licensed builder certified by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA).


We are certified and provide a Tarion New Home Warranty where required.


The ability to offer a Tarion warranty requires proven expertise supported by substantial financial guarantees. This gives our customers confidence in having us build their dream home.

What is the first step?

Building often takes longer than people expect. If you are planning on building within the next two years, it is worth starting to plan out your project. The more time you give yourself the more control you have.

When you are ready, get in touch with us and we will help get your project going!

Can you look after the entire project?

Yes, our services include home design, permitting, site preparation, site services, foundations, framing, utilities/mechanical systems, insulation & drywall, and interior finishing.


It takes a lot of different skill sets to move a project forward from start to finish. Some of these skills can only be provided by independent licensed professionals, such as surveyors and engineers. In addition to our own teams of skilled contractors, LCS has full access to all the external resources needed on a timely basis. This is due to the fact that we are a preferred customer due to our large number of annual builds.


Once you’re happy with the scope of your project and enter into a contract with LCS you will work with a dedicated project manager. They will schedule and organize all the trades needed to complete your project.


Our most popular service offering is our Full Turn-Key contract.

Do you help me with upfront planning?

Assistance with upfront planning is a very important part of your LCS experience. We help you understand what’s involved in your project and the impact of the decisions you will need to make to get the best finished result.


It is much more effective to make changes to your concept before you start work and this can save a lot of time and expense later on. Our process starts by making sure you have the right design for your property and can locate it in the most advantageous possible position on the site.


The next step is to select the materials that give you the look and feel you want. Once you have finalized the details of your design we are able to give you a realistic, detailed quote. Working drawings can then be prepared for permit approvals so site work can begin.

Will you visit my site?

A project advisor will come and look at your site as part of a basic feasibility study once we have a better understanding of what you want to build.


We use the proprietary LandDNA system to assess the potential of your property and determine what opportunities and limitations exist.


Once you have determined that LCS is the right choice for you, one of our project managers who specialize in building in your local area will undertake a full site visit with you to discuss the construction details involved in your project.

Do you offer design services?

LCS offers both home design and interior design services, if required, for the convenience of our customers.


Our project advisors will first work with you to make sure that you have a home design that meets your requirements and can be built on your property.


Some of our customers have their own home designs and plans while others prefer to use our in-house design team to help them create their dream home.


LCS also has an interior design service for those who want help in choosing the theme and materials needed to finish the home.


Your Project Advisor is responsible for your project through the design and selection of materials stages, while an LCS Project Manager is in charge of the build process.

Can I build my own design?

Many customers already have their own design concept or have purchased plans from a design company or architect. We are happy to work with these plans as the starting point for your project.


Your project advisor will check that your plans are buildable on your site and can be used for construction pricing and to obtain permits.


If necessary, we have a skilled team of in-house design professionals who can help you make any changes you may wish to make as you get further into the details of your project.


Alternatively, we can help you create a unique design of your own or choose one from one of our large design library.

Do you get the permits?

LCS is a full-service builder and we will obtain permits on your behalf unless you already have these in hand.


The permit approval process often requires work by licensed professionals. It is important to make sure they work together to eliminate delays in obtaining approvals.


LCS has access to all the resources required to get you in a position to start building your home as quickly as possible.


However, you should allow at least 8 weeks or more, depending on the local municipality, to process your permit application.

When should I start getting ready to build?

Building often takes longer than people expect. If you are planning on building within the next two years, you should get ready to build as soon as possible. The more upfront planning time you give yourself, the more ability you have to complete your project at a time of your choosing.


Depending on your location it may take longer to obtain all the necessary approvals and permits than to actually build the house. If variances or special approvals are needed due to the nature of your property, these can further delay the project. As LCS has built so many different houses on different types of property, we can help you navigate the approval process as fast as possible.


When you are ready, get in touch with us and we will advise you on the best way and the likely time it will take to be able to be ready to build.

What's the fastest way to build?

Working with LCS is the fastest way to build your house!


This is because we have all the expertise and resources, both internal and external, to manage your project all the way through from start to finish.


To keep construction as efficient as possible and minimize downtime, we allocate resources as necessary from our large pool of skilled builders and trades.


As we are one of the few companies that are willing to fix our prices it is key that we keep moving projects ahead in a predictable manner and as fast as possible to avoid expensive delays.

Do you carry out any site improvement work needed?

Unless you have purchased a fully serviced lot, you will need to carry out a variety of site improvement work. This may include land clearance, building access roads to your home location, installation of services such as water, power, and sewage as well as excavation for foundations and landscaping.


The cost of undertaking this work can be substantial and will depend on the nature of your property as well as the result you want to achieve. This will need to be factored into your project budget.


LCS uses the proprietary LandDNA system to help you evaluate the scope and cost of necessary site improvement work. With this information in hand, we can then assist you to make the best decisions to move your project forward.


Site improvement work is best carried out before you commence construction. LCS can undertake this work for you or you can decide to organize this independently with the various trades involved.

How much involvement can I have in building my house?

LCS offers you a great deal of flexibility in the level of involvement you can have in building your new home.


Involvement in foundation work and the framing of the house, is not a good idea. This work is specialized and best carried out by different teams of expert trades. Third-party involvement is often counterproductive and negates the ability to provide fixed pricing.


With this in mind, we have developed three popular construction options that you can choose from, Structure to Lock-up, Completion to Drywall and Full Turn-key.


Many customers like to be involved in the interior finishing stage of their project. The best choice for you will depend on time available and your level of expertise.

How competitive are your prices?

LCS is extremely competitive as we can combine the benefits of material buying power with skilled construction resources and experienced project managers. This means we can build faster and more cost-efficiently.


We are a preferred customer for many major manufacturers because of our size. This means, unlike many competitors, we can consistently source materials and components at fair prices that are in short supply or simply unavailable to small competitors.


The result is that we always offer highly attractive pricing to our customers. We do not take advantage of hot markets by price gouging and continue to offer great value to help grow our business. We are confident that after any true comparison with realistic competitive quotes, you will find that the value we offer makes LCS your best choice.

Do you offer fixed pricing?

Most builders prefer to offer cost plus contracts. This places all the risk on the customer and offers a windfall profit to builders in times of increasing prices.


LCS is one of the few builders that will offer you major price protection by fixing the price of materials and labour for the key stages of construction.


We use realistic allowances, these cover the areas of work that cannot be fully estimated prior to starting the project.


Examples of these allowances include site improvement work and the cost of finishing the interior of the home.


Most banks will require the kind of cost certainty that LCS can offer if project financing is involved.


In any event, our ability to offer price protection helps safeguard the success of your project and offers you valuable peace of mind.

How detailed are your contracts?

Our contracts are incredibly detailed and you should accept nothing less for your home.


You can always find someone who says that they can build at a lower price than their competitors but proving it is a whole other issue. 


The big problem for customers is how to get a real comparison based on a properly detailed scope of work.


Builders often under-bid contracts. You want to make sure that your builder can and will still cover the difference in this case. Any contract is only as good as the party’s willingness and ability to honor it.


LCS is a long-established builder with an impeccable track record. Our contracts are backed up by our financial strength as one of the largest national custom home builders.


The bottom line is you can trust us to deliver on our contractual obligations.

Can you provide me with a new home warranty?

Linwood Construction Services is a licensed builder certified by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA). We are certified and can provide a Tarion New Home Warranty where required. 


Generally, new home construction in Ontario requires a Tarion warranty. However, there are exceptions for buildings used for seasonal purposes. LCS can advise you if a warranty is necessary for your project. 


The ability to offer a Tarion warranty requires certification and proven expertise supported by substantial financial guarantees. Our ability to meet these requirements does give all our customers even more confidence to trust LCS to build their new dream home.

How long is your pricing good for?

A major issue in pricing the cost of building a custom home is the lengthy time often involved between the initial planning stage and obtaining the permits required to begin construction. Another factor that can delay projects is the impact of adverse weather on target start dates.


Virtually all builders base their quotes on the current prices of materials and labour, not what they will be at the time of actual construction. This gives them the justification to use cost-plus contracts. Good for the builder, bad for the customer.


By contrast, LCS has much greater control over the cost of materials and labour than our competitors due to our size and buying power.


As an example, LCS takes advantage of predictable seasonal fluctuations in the price of commodities like lumber and plywood. Few builders have our ability to make major purchases in advance of peak building conditions and then properly store the inventory required.


Also, we have a large and experienced group of builders working for us who commit to current pricing for work in the future.


The result is that LCS is one of the few companies willing and able to offer fixed pricing for a realistic period to start building. Typically, a six-month window is allowed in our contracts.

Are you certified by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority?

Yes, we are certified by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA). Click to view our up-to-date certification. 

All licensees are required to conduct business in accordance with the regulations, conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and demonstrate financial responsibility. Our team takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that we comply with the  regulations, as well as adhere to the Code of Ethics.