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Linwood Construction Services takes your
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Construction Services

1. Full Turn-key

With our turn-key contract, LCS manages the entire build from design to site development, construction, and interior finishing.

This option is best for customers who want to have an easy, hands-off, construction process. Because we are managing your whole build, it is the fastest way to complete your project.

This is our most popular service offering.

2. Completion to Drywall

With our Completion to Drywall contract, LCS manages the construction process from design through to the drywall stage.

This gives you creative freedom over the interior design and finishing process.

If you are already working with an interior designer or want to put in some sweat equity, this is the best option for you.

3. Completion to Lock-Up

With our Completion to Lock-Up contract, LCS manages your project from design through foundation and framing stages. At Lock-Up, we pass it over to you to finish utilities, drywall, and interior finishing.

This is the best option for customers who have familiarity with the construction process and have a network of their own trades.

Our Projects

Linwood Construction Services is currently working on over 50 custom homes in Ontario. 

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Linwood Construction Services

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are most frequently asked questions to get your project started. Our team can answer any questions you may have that are not listed here.

Where in Ontario do you build?
We service a wide area from Lake Huron to east of Ottawa, all the way up north of Parry Sound. We specialize in cottage country, with most of our builds being located in the Muskokas, Georgian Bay, Huntsville, Haliburton, Niagara, the Kawarthas, Lake Huron, Collingwood, Land of Lakes, and Prince Edward County.

Currently we are working on over 50 projects across the province… wherever you are looking to build, there is a good chance we can help you. 

How much does it cost to build?
The cost of building ranges depending on your project. Your design complexity, size, quality of finishing, and property characteristics all impact the total project cost. We have built custom cottages from $600,000 all the way to luxury homes worth multi-million dollars.

The first step in our process is to understand the different factors that impact your budget. From there, we create a home design that meets your needs and finalize a construction quote. Our quotes include everything you need to complete your project.

We provide fixed price contracts with realistic allowances for items like site preparation that are difficult to estimate prior to breaking ground. This gives you price certainty at the start of your project and avoids the costly overages common in the construction industry.

How long does the construction process take?
The time to build your home varies depending on the size and scope of your project. For our turn-key projects, our build time averages 7-10 months after receiving your building permit. The design process ranges based on the amount of customization you want. Permit times depend on where you are building but typically take between 1-3 months, with some regions taking longer. 

After understanding the specifics of your project, we can help give you a more realistic timeline. Once the build begins, our timeline is available to you via our shared project management software.

When you’re ready, we’ll be able to help!


Do you look after the entire project?
Yes, our services include home design, permitting, site preparation, site services, foundations, framing, utilities/mechanical systems, insulation & drywall, and interior finishing.

Our most popular service offering is our Full Turn-Key contract.


Who manages the project?
Each of our projects is managed by a dedicated Project Manager. Our PMs are with you every step of the way, scheduling trades and ensuring your home is built to our high-quality standard.

Our Project Managers only use trusted trades who take pride in their work. They are familiar with and have built many Linwood Homes in the past.

How does the design process work?
The design process is managed by Linwood’s Project Advisors. Our PAs help you define the scope of your project and work alongside you to create your new home design. They’ll provide pricing and help you customize your home to meet your needs. Once your home design is complete, your Project Advisor will get you a construction quote and work through any further changes you may want. Your PA is responsible for your project through the design and  selection of materials stages, with an LCS Project Manager in charge of the build process.


What makes Linwood Construction Services different?
We know that construction can be a difficult field to navigate. Linwood Construction Services makes building into an easy, streamlined process for you. Our Project Managers take the complexity out of construction so that your home can be built as fast as possible, on budget. 

Our team has over 100 years of custom construction experience. We have worked on a range of different projects from simple cottages to luxury estates. We have seen and dealt with all the problems that come with custom construction.  

LCS delivers a higher quality product for a couple of reasons. The first is using the Linwood Design + Material Package. Linwood packages source the best quality lumber and materials and are then factory organized for a faster build on site. The use of premium materials gives your home a better exterior look, higher quality interior finishing, with less waste.

The quality of construction is managed jointly between our Project Managers and our trades. Unlike a one-off build, our trades have to maintain a high-quality standard to continue working for us. This gives us much greater control over the quality of workmanship of our projects.

Our fixed price + allowance contract also gives you maximum price certainty and takes the risk out of your build. The two most common areas that lead to unexpected costs are when builders miss items in their quote or deliberately do not include all the line items needed to complete your project. This happens far too often with small volume, recreational builders using unrealistically low bids and simplistic cost plus contracts.

We don’t do this. We know this is one of your biggest investments and we make sure it is safe, secure, and protected.


When do you visit my site?
Our Project Advisors are happy to evaluate your site when you are close to starting the building process. During an initial site visit, we’ll review your lot to create a site-specific design, as well as help outline your site development requirements.

We utilize proprietary software called LandDNA that helps identify the relevant site work and estimated costs associated with building what you want on your site.

While your design is in the permitting process, our Project Managers take over to get your site serviced and ready for construction.


Do you offer a Tarion warranty?
Linwood Construction Services is a licensed builder certified by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA). We are certified and provide a Tarion New Home Warranty where required. 

The ability to offer a Tarion warranty requires proven expertise supported by substantial financial guarantees. This gives our customers confidence in having us build their dream home. 

What is the first step?
Building often takes longer than people expect. If you are planning on building within the next two years, it is worth starting to plan out your project. The more time you give yourself the more control you have.

When you are ready, get in touch with us and we will help get your project going!

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